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Jonathan Torres-Tomas
Duke University C.O. 2026
Econ & Computer Science
About Me
My name is Jonathan Torre-Tomas. I am a rising sophomore at Duke University studying computer science and economics with a minor in Japanese language.

Born in Mexico, raised in North Carolina, I have worked hard to get where I am today. Taking advantage of every opportunity and never backing down from a challenge are just some of the things I'm known for. As shown through my projects and experiences, I'm always eager and ready to learn more and adapt to whatever is needed of me.

I've always had a knack for all things computers. From building my first computer at the age of 14, to the creation of this website today, I continue to tinker around with all things computer related, while learning more about emerging technologies and the ones that power our everyday lives.

The topics of economics, finance, and all things business related has always been another interest of mine. While I am currently less familiar with economic related topics compared to computer related, I am just as eager to learn more about the markets and all things surrounding the topics of economics. I continue to learn more about them everyday, whether through my current course selections, keeping up with the daily markets, and researching the next big thing.
Jonathan in Front of Chapel
Current Internship
Academic Jobs Online Front Page
Academic Jobs Online (AJO) is a higher-ed job posting website used by more than 160,000 unique users and over 1000 institutions in more than 70 countries around the world. It’s even required to be used at institutions such as Duke University for faculty and professor hiring.

The website launched in 2006, with its functionality and features having expanded over time, while the UI, user experience, and layout have largely remained the same. Over the summer, using Figma for the designs and HTML, CSS, and Javascript to bring them to life, we have created a new, sleek, updated look for AJO that vastly improves the UI and user experience. In addition, we have made great progress with implementing our pages into the back-end, which is written in Perl!