Jonathan in Front of Chapel
My name is Jonathan Torre-Tomas. I am a rising sophomore at Duke University studying computer science and economics with a minor in Japanese language.

Born in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico, my parents and I immigrated to Hendersonville, North Carolina in the United States when I was 1 year old. While I grew up in Hendersonville, I consider both of them home.

Growing up, I always made sure to make the most of every opportunity to better myself, my skills, and my place in my community. Throughout middle and highschool, I partook in a number of activities that worked to further advance those ideals of mine. From working full-time at my local KFC, which taught me skills such as working well with a team, adapting to the current situation, and doing my work efficiently, to joining my church’s orchestra, which helped me advance as a person and musician, I opened up doors to even more opportunities. Because I took the most of these opportunities and worked hard, I was able to partake in many unique experiences and serve on many boards such as: The NC All-State Band (third chair), The NC Governor’s School, president of the senior body class and 2021-2022 national honor society, and more. Even today, I continue to make the most of every opportunity, opening new doors in the process.

I’m currently studying computer science and economics at Duke University. In my first year, I took courses such as Computer Science 201: Data Structures and Algorithms, Calculus, Economics 101 and Japanese 102, among others, to learn more about the fields I am interested in. I’ve also already begun to insert myself in the community here at Duke, from joining the Duke University Marching Band, to joining business/community related groups such as Duke University’s Mi Gente and the Latinx Business Organization. Managing all of this hasn’t been easy, but I continue to work hard on my courses, work, and activities, making the most of every opportunity and opening new doors in the process.